Psychological causes of disease and illness

If you came here hoping to find, finally, the same psychological cause of their illness and be healed, we disappoint you, here you will not find. You will discover the secret – there is no SAME psychological causes, the reasons for these are many, their roots are deep and they can be located not only on a psychological level, but also at the level of the body and energy. Found in the list of diseases below its – you will only be able to understand and define for themselves the amount of work that you have to do at the level of the psyche. And dig in a given direction you will have. The results and speed of such event, of course, depends on what tool you have selected. By far the most powerful tool to neutralize all causes (including psychological, physical and energy) associated with the disease, and a tool for complete recovery of the health system is Baibak. Despite the ridiculous and frivolous name this system works powerfully and smoothly, if you seriously and honestly work with it, and not pretend.

Book system Baybak you can download at the bottom of the page absolutely free. In the book you will find a free trial course.

We strongly encourage you to read the contraindications before you start working with the system. With them you can find in the book or on our website in the section IMPORTANT.

Appetitizers. Fear. Self-defense. Distrust of life. Feverish overflow and getting rid of feelings of hatred.

Hypersensitivity. Often symbolizes fear and need for protection. Fear can serve as a cover for hidden anger and unwillingness to forgive.
Credibility, to the process of life, refraining from negative thoughts is a helpful way to lose weight.

Obesity is the manifestation of a tendency to defend against something. A sense of inner emptiness often awakens the appetite. Eating provides many people a sense of the acquisition. But the mental deficiency will not fill with food. A lack of confidence in life and fear of life circumstances plunge man in an attempt to fill a spiritual void by external means.

The lack of appetite. The denial of personal life. A strong sense of fear, hatred and the negation of itself.

Thinness. Such people do not like themselves, feel dwarfed by other, afraid to be rejected. And so I try to be very helpful.

Cellulitis (inflammation of subcutaneous tissue). The accumulated anger and self-punishment. Forces himself to believe that nothing bothers her.

The astigmatism. Rejection of self. The fear to see yourself in true light.

Myopia. Fear of the future.

Eye diseases. Eyes symbolize the ability to see clearly past, present, future. You may not like what you see in your own life.

Glaucoma. A persistent unwillingness to forgive. Crush long-standing resentment. Saddlenose all of this.

Farsightedness. Feeling not of this world.

Cataract. The inability to look forward with joy. Foggy future.

Conjunctivitis. In life there was an event that triggered intense anger, and this anger intensifies fear relive the event.

Blindness, retinal detachment, severe trauma to the head. A tough assessment of the conduct of another person, jealousy, coupled with contempt, arrogance and rigidity.

Dryness in the eyes. The evil eye. Unwillingness to look with love. Would rather die than forgive. Sometimes the manifestation of saradnici.

Occurs in very emotional person who can get along with what he sees.

And who feels anger and irritation, when he realizes that other people see the world differently.

The head of the disease. Jealousy, envy, hatred and resentment.

Underestimating yourself. Self-criticism. Fear. Headaches occur when we feel inferior, humiliated. Forgive yourself, and your headache will disappear by itself.

Headaches often occur from low self-esteem, as well as low resistance to even minor stress. Person complaining of persistent headaches, literally the whole consists of psychological and physical clamps and stresses. The usual condition of the nervous system to be always at the limit of their possibilities. And the first symptom of future illness is a headache. Therefore, physicians working with these patients, first teach them to relax.

Loss of contact with his true self. the Desire to justify high expectations of others.

The desire to avoid any mistakes.

Hatred of coercion. Resistance to the course of life.

Migraine headaches are created by people who want to be perfect, as well as those who have accumulated a lot of irritation in this life.

Sexual fears.

Hostile envy.

A migraine develops in a person that gives themselves the right to be yourself.

Adenoids. Child feeling unwelcome. Friction in the family, disputes.

Asthma in children. The fear of life. Not wanting to be here.

Eye diseases. Unwillingness to see what is happening in the family.

Childhood diseases. Belief in calendars, social concepts and flimsy rules. Adults around behave like children.

Otitis media (inflammation of the external auditory canal, middle ear, internal ear). Anger. Unwillingness to listen. In the house the noise. My parents are fighting.

The habit of nail biting. Hopelessness. The self-blame. Hatred of one of the parents.

Aureus in children. Irreconcilable attitude to the world and to the people with parents or ancestors.

Rickets. Emotional hunger. The need for love and protection.

Birth: deviations. Karmic.

You refrain from harsh words. Feel the inability to Express yourself.

Feel anger from being unable to cope with any situation.

The inability to breathe for his own benefit. The feeling of depression. The curb sobbing. The fear of life. Not wanting to be here.

Person with asthma seems that he has no right to breathe himself. Children asthma is usually children with highly developed conscience. They all take the blame.

Asthma occurs when the family suppressed feelings of love, depressed crying child experiences fear for life and does not want to live anymore.

Asthmatics Express more negative emotions, often angry, offended, hold a grudge and thirst for vengeance compared with healthy people.

Asthma, lung problems are caused by the inability (or unwillingness) to live independently as well as lack of living space. Asthma, frantically holding incoming air from the outside world flows indicates fear of frankness, sincerity, to have to make something new that carries every day. Gaining confidence is an important psychological component that promotes recovery.

Suppressed sexual desire.

Wants too much, takes more than it gives, and with great difficulty. Wants to appear stronger than it is and the cause of self-love.

A nervous atmosphere in the family. Arguments and screams. A rare lull.

One or several family members by his actions drives the despair.

Depressed self-pity.

The prolonged situation of “all against me” and the inability to cope with it.

Inability to stand up for themselves. Swallowed anger. The crisis of creativity. The reluctance to change. Problems with the throat arise from a sense that we “have no right” and the feeling of inferiority.

Throat, moreover, is a part of the body where concentrated all our creative energy. When we resist change, we often appear problems with the throat.

You need to give yourself the right to do what you want, not blaming themselves and not afraid to disturb others.

A sore throat is always irritated. If it is accompanied by cold, then, in addition, more confusion.

Respiratory: disease.

Fear or failure to breathe life deeply. Do not recognize their right to occupy space or even to exist.

Fear. The resistance to change. Distrust of the process of change.

Laryngitis. Anger interfere to say. Fear prevents to speak. Me dominate.

Depression. Sadness. The fear to face life. I believe that you are unworthy to live a full life. Permanent internal failure situation.

Light is the ability to give and take life. Lung problems usually arise because of our unwillingness or fear to live a full life, or from the fact that we believe that we have no right to live in full force. Those who smoke a lot, usually deny life. They hide behind the mask your feeling of inferiority.

Violation of the lung suggests that a person live badly, it hurts kind of pain, sadness. He feels despair and frustration and do not want to live anymore. He may feel that it cornered, imprisoned act.

Runny nose. The request for assistance. Internal crying. You’re the victim. The non-recognition of self-worth.

Nasopharyngeal secretions. A child crying internal tears, the feeling of the victim.

Nosebleeds. The need for recognition, the desire of love.

Pneumonia (pneumonia). Despair. Fatigue life. Emotional wounds that are to heal.

Cold. Too many events at the same time. Confusion, disorder. Minor grievances.

Sinusitis. Irritation caused by one of the family.

Waste because of selfishness, possessiveness.

Hard resentment at myself, at fate. Dissatisfaction with the country, the government, the world. Revenge.

Tonsillitis. Fear. Repressed emotions. Muted creativity. Belief in his inability to speak for themselves and to meet their needs.

Enfizem. Do you fear to breathe life deeply. Felt unworthy of life.

Rectal bleeding (blood in faeces). The anger and frustration. Apathy. The resistance feelings. Suppression of emotions. Fear.

Appendicitis. Fear. The fear of life. Blocking well.

Prolonged uncertainty. A feeling of doom.

Tantrum in the near past.

Fear not to fit into the allotted time.

Anger in the past. Burdened feelings. Inability to get rid of the accumulated problems, grievances and emotions. The joy of life drowning in anger and sadness.

The fear of separation.

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