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Summer is the best time of year for weight loss. And so it was not a party, it is necessary to pay attention to the feeding habits this season. How to organize your diet, which foods to prefer and what to reject in hot weather? Questions Metaportal meets senior nutritionist center “Emerita” Olga Perevalova.

Olga, do I need to adjust summer food.

Summer is the ideal season for weight loss. In the diet there are many fresh fruits and vegetables. We try to eat light foods and to drink more water. And if you help yourself with proper nutrition, then in the summer it’s easy without a special diet to lose a few extra pounds, cleanse the body and bring it into order.

Are there universal rules of food in summer.

In hot weather you need to eat more often 5-7 times a day but in small portions. One Apple or a handful of berries, a small portion of okroshka on kvass or on the Tanya these snacks is a normal load of carbs for the average person. This snack can replace one of the meals. Snacking can and fresh juices, they have enough calories.

The juices this, by the way, a luxurious way to spend a fasting day. Need to limit consumption of fatty and fried foods. Be sure to drink clear water. Even better if it is spring water or strukturirovaniia water. And with gas and without. You can drink chilled juices, dilute fruit juices mineral water. The average rate of fluid for the summer 30-40 ml per 1 kg of body weight. If their physiology person sweats profusely, this nuance can be corrected by a special diet. A nutrition program can make a professional nutritionist.

What kind of meat is preferable for the summer intake.

Overweight people I call in the summer to abandon the rich bouillons and go to vegetarian soups. Of meat, give preference to boiled poultry without skin or lean beef. People whose weight is normal, can afford pork, but do not overdo it. Give your body a break from fatty foods. Refrain from fried meat, it is irrelevant to a healthy diet.

What are the limitations on the use of vegetable oil, salt, spices.

For people whose weight is in the normal range, may be 2-3 tbsp vegetable oil a day. And I always advise to eat not only sunflower oil or olive oil, but other vegetable oils. Flax, canola, grapeseed, soy the more types of oils used, the more the body gets a variety of fatty acids. It is very useful. The main thing is to control the amount. People who are overweight should not consume more than 1 tbsp oil per day.

Instead of salt it is better to use solitamente a special composition from a mixture of sea salt and spices. For those who have a tendency to hypertension, swelling, it is better to give up salt. It’s enough vegetables, bread and other products. Besides the lack of salt in food is a good way to unload and lose a couple of pounds due to the abundant output of fluid.

Does it make sense to take summer multivitamin complexes.

Despite the fact that in the summer we eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, you need to continue to use multivitamin complexes. Science has shown that irrigation, soil water, and our land is depleted. And even those vegetables and fruits that are grown in garden beds without the use of chemical fertilizers, do not reach the standards that are required by the body. But in the summer can be reduced in 2 times the dosage of vitamin complexes.

What about the main summer ice cream dessert.

In the summer we all love to cool off with ice cream. People with normal weight will not damage one to two servings of this dessert. But when overweight I suggest ice cream is not abused. Suggest is not ice cream and low-fat Popsicles or frozen juices. Ensure that the energy value used in ice cream day does not exceed 100 kcal and not eat it in the evening. Because fats and carbohydrates are assimilated by the body overnight, and nothing good for the figure is not a promise.

And how to be with alcohol.

Spirits in hot weather intolerable. Try to exclude it even in the evening. C wine, too, need to be careful. Women I do not advise to drink red wine in summer. It leads to edema, impairs the skin color. Be sure you drink it in the evening a glass of red wine, even very good, in the morning will appear on your face is not the best way. You can drink a bit of dry white wine with ice or diluted mineral water.

Is there a main rule in the diet, with which people can control their weight.

There is a law of human physiology. Up to 16 hours there is a rapid metabolism, and the body actively burns calories, so all the Goodies, heavy food, should be eaten in the morning. And after 16 hours the body stores energy in order to serve us it the next day. Therefore, all who are overweight should remember that after 16 all desserts, fatty foods, alcohol, brew, etc. must be under strict control. Otherwise you will whatever look, whatever feel, and summer will pass you by.

Testing for those who decided to conduct a cleansing of the body.

Very important and useful information.

It is necessary to know all.

This insidious disease – the disease of the century, As diabetes, Pancreatitis, in most cases, the roots have a parasitic (trematode of cattle), Eczema and psoriasis – diseases associated with lack of silicon, which absorb the Parasites . settled In the Human Body.

In the process of their development, the Parasites attend almost all organs of our Body, depriving us of strength and energy, shorten life.

Being in the body in large numbers, the Parasites can cause a large enough loss of blood that leads to iron deficiency (anemia), in both adults and children.

Anemia causes Trichomonas and other microparasites that feed on red blood cells.

Trichomonas also eats sperm That causes impotence . She swallows them like red blood cells.

Parasites . any simple infection, incapacitate-regulation and immune protection of the organism.

If the parasite living in your body, lays eggs in the period when the test is conducted (mostly feces), his presence will go unnoticed. Only a live drop of blood, the method of live blood analysis will show the real result.

Do not delay the cleansing. and avoid chronic diseases! All illnesses from toxins and parasites.

Recommend efficiently the cleansing program of Parasites without harm to health.

This well-chosen blend of herbs chernodub.

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A healthy diet for schoolchildren.

The healthy diet pyramid.

To compile complete nutrition student requires a deep approach taking into account the specifics of the child’s body. The development of school curriculum requires children of high mental activity. Little man, are attached to knowledge, not only performs hard work, but at the same time growing, evolving, and for this he needs to obtain good nutrition. The intense mental activity, unusual for first graders, involves considerable expenditure of energy.

The modern student, according to nutritionists, there should be at least four times a day, and for Breakfast, lunch and dinner is sure to be a hot dish. For the growing body the milk, curd, cheese, fermented milk products — sources of calcium and protein. A deficiency of calcium and phosphorus will also help to replenish fish dishes. As a garnish it is better to use potatoes or pasta and steamed or boiled vegetables (cabbage, beets, onions, carrots, beans, garlic and cabbage). For the day, the students should drink at least one and a half liters of fluid, but not sparkling water, and fruit or vegetable juice.

Parents have great hopes for a proper Breakfast — because they are personally in control of this process and you can be absolutely sure that at least once a day the child ate properly. However, not everyone knows what Breakfast is most valuable to the student.

In addition to sweet tea, jams and confectionery, in the morning Breakfast students are required breads, cereals (oatmeal is proven the best), pasta, fresh vegetables, fruit preferred apples that are rich in fiber and pectin. This complex form of carbohydrates, the stock of which is necessary for the child. The remaining carbohydrates are best allocated to intermediate techniques within the school day: fruit drinks, tea, coffee, biscuits, cookies, chocolates will provide a constant supply of fresh portions of glucose in the blood and will stimulate the mental activity of schoolchildren.

The second important food component needed to meet the energy needs of school children is fats. They account for 20% to 30% of total daily energy expenditure.

In the diet student must be present in adequate quantities fiber a mixture of indigestible substances that are found in the stems, leaves, and fruits of plants. It is required for proper digestion.

Proteins are the basic material that is used to build tissues and organs of the child. Proteins differ from fats and carbohydrates because they contain nitrogen, therefore, proteins cannot be replaced by any other substances.

Students 7-11 years of age should receive a day 70-80 grams of protein, or 2.5—3 g per 1 kg of weight, and students 12-17 years — 90-100 g, or 2 to 2.5 g per 1 kg of body weight.

Children and adolescents young athletes with increased physical activity (including participants of tourist trips), need to increase daily protein intake to 116-120 g at the age of 10-13 years. until 132-140 g aged 14-17 years.

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