The new procedure provides for more structured organization of emergency medical care, regulating in detail the individual stages and types of delivery, including medical evacuation in the provision of emergency medical care, organization of activities of mobile teams of emergency medical care, organization of activities of the ambulance station, the ambulance clinics (hospitals, emergency hospital), organization of the operations division of the medical organization providing emergency medical care outside of the medical organization, the organization of inpatient and emergency medical service hospital (emergency hospital), organization of the Department of emergency Advisory emergency medical service hospital (emergency hospital, emergency medical center), as well as the organization of activities (functions) of the doctor of the ambulance.

Also approved by the equipment standards listed medical organizations, taking into account the emergence of new types medizinstudent and new medical technologies.

1. The present Order establishes rules of rendering of an emergency, including emergency specialized medical assistance on the territory of the Russian Federation.

2. Emergency, including emergency specialized medical care is provided for diseases, accidents, traumas, poisonings and other conditions requiring urgent medical intervention.

3. Emergency, including emergency specialized medical assistance on the basis of standards of medical care. Continue reading

Proper nutrition

Summer is the best time of year for weight loss. And so it was not a party, it is necessary to pay attention to the feeding habits this season. How to organize your diet, which foods to prefer and what to reject in hot weather? Questions Metaportal meets senior nutritionist center “Emerita” Olga Perevalova.

Olga, do I need to adjust summer food.

Summer is the ideal season for weight loss. In the diet there are many fresh fruits and vegetables. We try to eat light foods and to drink more water. And if you help yourself with proper nutrition, then in the summer it’s easy without a special diet to lose a few extra pounds, cleanse the body and bring it into order.

Are there universal rules of food in summer.

In hot weather you need to eat more often 5-7 times a day but in small portions. One Apple or a handful of berries, a small portion of okroshka on kvass or on the Tanya these snacks is a normal load of carbs for the average person. This snack can replace one of the meals. Snacking can and fresh juices, they have enough calories.

The juices this, by the way, a luxurious way to spend a fasting day. Need to limit consumption of fatty and fried foods. Be sure to drink clear water. Even better if it is spring water or strukturirovaniia water. And with gas and without. You can drink chilled juices, dilute fruit juices mineral water. Continue reading



Military medicine theory and practice of health care (medical support) of the armed forces in peacetime and wartime. It is a system of scientific knowledge and practical activities, which aim the strengthening and preservation of health of personnel of the Armed Forces, prevention and treatment of diseases and during wars and also military defeats, which ultimately aimed at maintaining a sufficient level of combat readiness and combat capability of the troops.

The necessary base. ensure the development of the theory and improving the practice of healthcare armed forces is a military medical organization. which is represented by specifically designed for this purpose forces and means, United in the armed forces in a specialized system based on certain principle and rules of the military medical service.

The theoretical basis of military medicine is primarily medical science. However, spetsificheskaya life and activities of the troops, the originality of the pathology of combat injuries and diseases in the war, and especially the organizational structure of the armed forces and their combat use doesn’t allow transfers in the military medical practice of regulations and rules adopted in the civilian health care. Therefore, at a certain stage of development of the armed forces has given rise to a legitimate need for such methods their medical care, which would be consistent with the organizational principles of building the armed forces and would be most effective in a combat situation. Continue reading

The order of rendering of medical aid

The order of rendering of medical aid at carrying out of sports and sporting events.

1. The present order regulates the questions of rendering of medical aid to persons engaged in physical culture and sports, and other persons in the conduct of sports events (sports competitions, uchebno-training actions), employment by physical culture and sports (including mass sports), and also regenerative actions after intensive physical activities diseases and injuries in athletes.

2. Oksanaortinska assistance to persons engaged in physical culture and sports (including mass sports), includes.

dynamic supervision (current medical supervision, periodic medical inspections, profound medical examinations, medical-pedagogical supervision) behind a state of health of persons engaged in physical culture and sports (including mass sports) and design specialists in the respective medical reports on the admission to employment by physical culture and sports (including mass sports), sports competitions (hereinafter – the admission.

the provision of primary health care, specialized medical care during sports events (sports competitions, uchebno-training actions), employment by physical culture and sports (including mass sports.

3. Medical aid in the recovery of athletes after intensive physical exercises after diseases and injuries include measures to increase and preserve sport (special and General) health, conduct rehabilitation to restore health. Continue reading

Forensic medicine.

Forensic medicine is the branch of medicine that addresses questions of biological and medical nature arising in the course of activity is judicial-investigating bodies, as well as assisting health authorities in improving the quality of their work. Forensic medicine is not accidental, mechanical Assembly medical disciplines used to target the practice of law, as it was in the early development of forensic medicine. Currently, forensic medicine is an independent medical science that studies a range of issues and have their own methods. With the development of forensic medicine of it stood out as separate disciplines, a number of Sciences such as forensic chemistry, forensic psychiatry, forensic toxicology.

Forensic medicine is connected with all the other medical Sciences, it is pathologic physiology, pharmacology, surgery, histology, traumatology. As medical science uses methods of laboratory studies, rentgenologicheski, microbiological, videotehnika research methods. With the latter, for example, is determined by the type of weapon, mechanism of injury, establishment of antemortem origin of injuries. Of jurisprudence is very close to the forensic science forensic science, which is a legal discipline that studies the tactics and methodology and technique of investigation of crimes.

For Cohocton to successfully carry out the investigation or trial, to evaluate the expert’s opinion, the lawyer should have an idea of the possibilities of forensic medicine and the limits of the competence of a forensic medical examination. Continue reading

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Innovations in medicine
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The main objectives of sports medicine.
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