Medicine and pharmacy of the Tomsk region.

Department of obstetrics and gynecology new York Medical center, Cornell medical (new York, USA). In 2012 Tomsk region will receive more than 30 million rubles for implementation of measures aimed at formation of healthy lifestyle among the population in Accordance with the terms of the grant, funds will be used to increase availability, volume and quality of medical drug treatment (medical, psychological and medico-social) assistance, development of new and improvement of existing methods of early diagnostics of narcological diseases, the equipment of the Tomsk regional narcological clinic various types of medical equipment. The health Ministry decided on the paid treatment, the health Ministry has prepared a draft document, which defines Rules for the provision of medical organizations of paid medical services to patients. In accordance with the law On fundamentals of protection of health of citizens , the state ensures that it remains free primary health care, including specialized. Hospitalization doctor’s prescription, first aid, high-tech treatment are also included in the program of state guarantees. Will have to pay for assistance that are not under the Program of state guarantees, and in that case, if the patient is not the insured under the MHI or wants to receive treatment anonymously. It should be provided in the accessible form necessary information about the availability of free medical care Programme (regional programmes) of state guarantees. The price for the medical service provided will be in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Individual entrepreneurs set the price of paid medical services on their own. Source: Pharmaceutical Bulletin. Physicians Regional perinatal center spent about 50 consultations in Kozhevnikovskogo area on 15 February, the team of specialists of the Regional perinatal center: obstetrician-gynecologists, neonatologists and doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics held consultations on the basis of Kozhevnikovskogo Central district hospital. Pregnant women and mothers with newborn children from the villages kozhevnikovskogo district got the opportunity to get advice of highly qualified specialists, take part in a master class on breastfeeding. In the Tomsk region held the first of sutureless cataract surgery on February 14 at the ophthalmic Department of the Tomsk regional clinical hospital has modern equipment for the treatment of cataract. Doctors OKB conducted more than 10 successful transactions on the new equipment, the patients are doing well and preparing for discharge. Each operation takes 7 10 minutes, performed under local anesthesia, the day surgeons operate on about 7 of 9 patients.

4 4 news of pharmacy and medicine Newest eye care technology available to each inhabitant of Tomsk region. Surgery to remove cataracts free of charge for the patient, as included in the Program of obligatory medical insurance. In Chainskiy district carried out preventive examinations of children from remote villages on 15 February, the team of doctors MBUZ CRB Chainskiy went to the remote villages of the district for inspection of the child population. The results of the examinations doctors assess the overall health of children, the detection of the disease provide recommendations for treatment, develop an individual program of recovery and the schedule of visiting specialists. As noted in the Department of health of Tomsk region, until the end of February a scheduled inspection of the 353 children Chainskiy district. In the framework of the program of modernization of health care of Tomsk region in 2011, we formed three regional teams and four attached to the inter-municipal centers. In 2011, the schools of health were 3 thousand people Trained in schools of health in 2011 were more than 3,000 people. The participants of the schools were residents of the Tomsk region, included in the risk group for certain diseases, patients with diabetes, arterial hypertension and bronchial asthma. Training on preservation and strengthening of health were conducted for pregnant women, children, and adolescents. During the year mass of the preventive action take care of your heart , Breathe easily! Clean vessels healthy heart! Find out my cholesterol and glucose were held in health centres in Tomsk on the basis of Central district hospitals. Depending on the subject shares were offered to measure blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose, to listen to a seminar on the basics of a healthy lifestyle. More than 200 residents of the Tomsk region have received assistance in the Center of crisis pregnancy In the past month working at a crisis pregnancy Center that opened on the basis of the Regional perinatal center, was approached by 244 women. The center’s specialists assisted in the design of financial assistance 100 women, 12 of the visitors of the center were able to improve their living conditions. Thanks to the coordinated work of specialists was able to prevent two cases of child abandonment was reported at the Department of health of Tomsk region. Individual consultations to visitors of the center have a social worker, psychologist and lawyer. In the Tomsk region started a regional stage of Russian competition of professional skill of the Best professional 2011 among specialists with secondary medical education the participants of the regional stage of the competition can become paramedics, midwives, nurses, heads of nursing services of the medical institutions of the Tomsk region. To participate in the competition, providers have to prepare a video report about production activity.

5 5 performance, portfolio, list of scientific articles and publications. Reception of works for the regional stage of the contest will last until March 25. Three winners of the regional stage will take part in the final competition, which will take place in autumn 2012 in Moscow. To know more details about the contest and download the rules and regulations on the website of the Department of health of Tomsk region, under Announcements . February 15 was the day of scrub nurse Operating nurses play an important role in creating a safe and supportive environment, coordinated teamwork of the operating team that ensures the success of routine and emergency operations. The Department of health of Tomsk region and the Association of nurses in Tomsk region operating congratulate the nurses on their professional holiday and I Express my gratitude, deep respect nurses for their hard work and dedication to their profession. In 2011, health centers have treated about 2.5 million people Over the past year in health centers in Russia, asked about 2.5 million Russians. Survey in health centers showed that the majority of the population of our country is burdened with risk factors. The most common risk factors among residents of Tomsk area are high blood pressure, obesity, and sedentary lifestyle. In Russia on average healthy recognized about 30% of visitors of health centers. The health Ministry noted that, despite the positive upward trend in the number examined, the flaws in the work of health centers is still there. It is necessary to strengthen prevention, including health centres, primary health facilities and infrastructure created in the framework of the national project Health . It should be noted that in the framework of the state program Healthy , leading to the formation of a healthy lifestyle, with 2009 on the basis of existing health facilities and offices prevention created a network of free health centres and related health schools in 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation (open more than 500 health centres for adults). Since December 2010, opened more than 200 centres of health for children. Approved the list of types of high-tech medical care by Order of the health Ministry of Russia dated December 28, 2011 1690 (registered in the Ministry of justice on 8 February 2012 ) approved the list of types of high-tech medical care, represents a new complex, unique and demanding methods of treatment. The list contains 137 items, each of which includes several types and methods of treatment of group specific and closely related diseases. Earlier, the health Ministry has developed a list of medical organizations that in 2012 high-tech medical assistance to citizens of Russia at the expense of the Federal budget. The list includes 114 organizations.

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