Medicine and health.

From this section you will learn about the latest developments in the field of medicine and pharmacology, will find useful information about the mechanisms of occurrence and development of various diseases, and also about effective methods of their prevention and treatment. In addition, this section contains a review article on the best hospitals and specialists, as well as the innovations in medical equipment.

Dietary recommendations for patients with gastritis. What can I eat with gastritis with high and low acidity? What products should be excluded from the diet? Is it possible for gastritis drinking alcohol, tea and coffee.

Gastro: symptoms and treatment. Duodenitis is an inflammation of privratnikovogo Department of a stomach and duodenum. Why there is this disease, what might be the consequences and what is the treatment.

Nutrition in acute and chronic gastritis: sample menu for a week. Diet for gastritis with high and low acidity: characteristics and differences. The list of prohibited and permitted products.

The best elixir: the types, manufacturers and recommendations. Hematogen is one of the most widely known dietary Supplements for the prevention of iron deficiency. Today I have released dozens of companies. How to choose a truly useful product.

Iron deficiency in organizuemoe will not only reduce the quality of life, lead to fatigue and shortness of breath, but also cause serious diseases such as iron deficiency anemia, or IDA.

Iron is responsible for vital processes in the body, and its deficiency can lead to serious consequences. What are the sources of iron for the body it is better to choose. Don’t become a victim of iron deficiency.

Stomach pain: causes, diagnosis and treatment. Stomach pain is a serious symptom of many diseases. Talking about stomach pain, how to find out the cause and what can I take for pain.

The bacterium Helicobacter pylori: treatment regimens and tools. The reason for the development of gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. What effective ways and means of dealing with it exist.

What are bowel disease, what are the main symptoms of diseases of the large and small intestines. Diseases of the large and small intestines, dysbiosis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Folic acid: properties, indications and recommendations for use. Vitamin B9 is one of the most necessary. What is folic acid who and what she needed, how to take B9.

How dangerous decrease in hemoglobin and who is at risk. What foods you need to eat in order to increase the hemoglobin of the blood and how to combine them together. How to use the products for better absorption of iron.

Anemia in children: symptoms, treatment and prevention. According to who, anemia of different degree is present in 47.4% of preschool children and 25.4% of school-age children. How anemia is dangerous, why it occurs and how to fight it.

What tests are needed for registration medknizhki teachers, educators, cooks, sellers, doctors and other employees. The list of tests, where they can go and how much is the medical examination for medknizhki.

Blood clotting is one of the most important protective mechanisms of the body. Violations of this ability will help to identify special tests. In this article we will talk about the research techniques.

Analysis of rubella: research methods, preparation and cost. Rubella is one of the most dangerous diseases, especially for pregnant women. To the diagnosis of rubella and vaccination should be treated with the utmost responsibility.

Analysis on Mycoplasma: indications, methods, results, and value. Mycoplasmosis is one of those diseases that occur unnoticed, however, cause significant health damage. To identify its presence allows the analysis on a Mycoplasma.

Browse the largest centres for family planning and reproduction, Moscow, doctors, services, features. How to choose a fertility clinic, what factors should be taken into account, at what cost to expect.

Find out how to choose the best clinic of laser vision correction in Moscow: what to pay attention to the search parameters. Review of prices for procedures, features, equipment, and specialists. The feedback on the work.

How do you get syphilis and what are the symptoms of this disease. How to identify syphilis, and what tests must pass and what they mean how long it takes the analysis and how much it costs.

RH factor: concept, significance in life. Features of the blood test for RH: the preparation for delivery, research methods, the probability of error. Where can you get tested for RH factor and how to wait for the result.

Screening during pregnancy: the timing and results of the first, second and third study. How and when screening in pregnancy, why it is conducted and what the survey includes.

The study and processing of human sperm, or semen, should be performed according to the method, taking into account the relevant recommendations of the who. How to prepare and how to donate semen for research and which prices to navigate.

What is service check-up (checkup)? Who needs a full body examination? What is included in the standard program? How much does a full survey of the body and where to spend it.

In what diseases need to be tested for E. coli and how to do it. Comparison of PCR and bacteriological analysis of blood and urine. Where better to get tested and that you need to pay attention.

Why carry out the analysis on a Cytology which biomaterials can be studied and what research methods are there? What pathology reveals cytological analysis how long to wait for results and how accurate the readings.

What is the bilirubin, making it may increase when you need to check and how to decipher the results of the analysis of blood and urine for bilirubin. Where to get tested for bilirubin and what are average prices on research.

Screening of newborns: peculiarities of the procedure and indications for. Newborn screening is a simple test to detect the presence of many congenital diseases in the first days of a child’s life.

Analysis of proteins: types of research and indications for. Analysis of proteins can provide your doctor with detailed information on the condition and characteristics of various organs and systems.

A swab for infection in women, its types, peculiarities of the procedure, interpretation of analysis results. How to prepare for a delivery stroke and how much it will cost in a private clinic.

What antibody, what are the classes of antibodies and when they appear. How to interpret the results of tests for antibodies and where better to conduct the research. What are the rules of antibodies exist for different ages.

Types and methods of laboratory investigations used for various diagnostic purposes. The sensitivity, specificity and objectivity of analyses. How to choose a laboratory that uses the most modern test systems and analyzers.

Examination of the stomach is a complex medical procedures, which is the number of laboratory hardware and research. Which of them are most informative and how to price them.

What regions are the highest and the lowest prices on laboratory tests? What is the reason and what is the final price different tests? Rating of the prices for the most popular tests in the largest private laboratories in the regions and cities of Russia.

Hospices for cancer patients: public and private. If a person cannot be cured, to relieve suffering. This deals with palliative medicine. Hospice is designed to support terminally ill people.

Bowel disease need to be identified in the early stages — in this case they can be treated. Methods of examination of small and large intestine is usually divided into laboratory and instrumental.

Indications for analysis on the INR and the blood clotting, how blood INR (international normalized ratio), what is the cost of analysis in Moscow where to go to donate blood.

Smear on a microflora — this is a laboratory study conducted to assess the biological material using a light microscope. In our review you will learn when and how it is performed, what the results are normal.

How and why to take a swab from the urethra in men, what diseases can be identified through this study and if it hurts. Tips on how to prepare for a smear on the flora and on identifying infections.

IVF: indications, methods and stages. The IVF procedure can help even in cases where natural conception almost impossible. What is this procedure safe if it is, how is the preparation for IVF and how much it will cost.

Characteristics and consequences of traumatic brain injuries of different types. First aid and stages of treatment for TBI. Rehabilitation after severe TBI: the restoration of function, psychological correction.

Uterine fibroids are diagnosed every third women over the age of 35. Uterine artery embolization allows to treat patients with fibroids with preservation of the reproductive function of the uterus. The article is a detailed description of the method, results, risks.

Uterine fibroids — one of the most common diseases of the reproductive system. What are absolute and relative indications for the removal of the uterus with the fibroids, dangers and complications of surgery to remove modern alternative therapies for fibroids.

Diagnosis of hepatitis: diagnostic methods and tests. How the disease manifests itself, what measures are needed for accurate diagnosis of hepatitis and how modern diagnostic methods accurate.

How to recognize an infection: diagnostic methods in the laboratory. Laboratory studies can accurately determine the cause and extent of the disease, and to predict the effectiveness of treatment.

Methods for diagnosis of pertussis and paracoccus: bacteriological, PCR, serological blood test for whooping cough. When some analysis is more suitable and where to get tested for pertussis to children and adolescents.

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