Forensic medicine.

“Evidence recognized any items which served as instruments of crime or have retained on themselves the traces of the crime, which was directed the criminal acts, property, money and other valuables obtained through criminal actions or acquired by criminal means, other objects and documents that can serve as a means for the detection of crime and establishing circumstances of criminal case”. (article 81 of the CPC.

To find out the attitude of the seized item to the crime and the evidentiary value of this object in many cases is possible only by examinations.

Depending on the nature of the evidence and the issues to be addressed, expertise can be different.

Objects of forensic medical examination of material evidences are very diverse: blood, bodily excretions, hair, bones, soft body tissue, etc.

To the production of these examinations is allowed only doctors – forensic experts who have undergone special training in forensic examination of physical evidence.

In the research process, physical evidence, the expert is required to economize subject to the object so that part of it was left for a possible re-examination. Continue reading


What are the General principles of treatment of skin diseases.

Treatment of patients should be complex and individual. Common drug therapy includes use of antibiotics, psychotropic, antiallergic drugs, hormones and bacterial pyro-genic drugs. The great value has the external, local treatment.

What are the characteristics of nursing.

Most often skin diseases are a manifestation of General pathology of the body, allergies. In addition to a variety of pathological cells in the skin, diseases of this group are accompanied by painful itching, burning, insomnia, making patients irritable. In this regard, the nurse requires patience and tact when working with this patient population.

The important role of nurse at carrying out of preventive examinations of children’s con-tingent, identifying cases of head lice and scabies.

How is the external treatment of skin diseases.

External treatment aims to accelerate the elimination of lesions and reduce the itching sensation, burning, contraction, and pain is usually a nurse.

External treatment begins with cleaning of the lesion from the scales, crusts, pus, fragments of the walls of the bubbles and bubbles. To do this, use tweezers, ethnocentricy and cotton swabs soaked with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Continue reading

Occupational diseases

Consult with medical experts.

Occupational diseases arise as a result of exposure to the adverse factors of industrial environment. Clinical manifestations often do not have specific symptoms, and only information about the working conditions ill let you set revealed pathology belonging to the category of occupational diseases. Only some of them are characterized by particular Symp-domokomplekta caused by a kind of radiological, functional, biochemical and hematological changes.

A common classification of occupational diseases does not exist. The greatest recognition of the etiological classification principle. Based on this, we identified five groups of occupational diseases: 1) caused by exposure to chemical factors (acute and chronic intoxication, as well as their consequences, occurring with isolated or combined lesions of various organs and systems); 2) caused by exposure to dust (pneumonia-PS—silicosis, asbestosis, metallocenes, pneumoconiosis of electric welders and gas cutter, polishers, nadac nicknames, etc.); 3) caused by exposure to physical factors: vibration disease; diseases associated collection-action contact ultrasound vegetative polyneuritis; hearing loss by type of cochlear neuritis—noise disease; diseases associated with exposure to electromagnetic radiation and scattered laser radiation; luciabrust; diseases associated with changes in atmospheric pressure is known as decompression sickness, acute hypoxia; diseases that occur in adverse weather conditions—perepev, convulsive disease, occlusive disease, vegetative-sensitive polyneuritis; Continue reading

Forensic medicine.
Detailed information about the job.   1) Forensic medicine is a science, which is a body of knowledge and research in the life Sciences, medicine, physics, chemistry, and medico-criminology, purposeful…

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I blame modern medicine
The story of an employee of one of the Moscow clinics: "She's 11 years old, my granddaughter. And it almost all his life complained that her head hurt. Then she…

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Military medicine during the aftermath of the disaster.
The reactor not only a source of electricity, but also its consumer. Yet from the active zone of the reactor is discharged nuclear fuel, it is necessary to continuously circulate…

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