Occupational diseases

Consult with medical experts.

Occupational diseases arise as a result of exposure to the adverse factors of industrial environment. Clinical manifestations often do not have specific symptoms, and only information about the working conditions ill let you set revealed pathology belonging to the category of occupational diseases. Only some of them are characterized by particular Symp-domokomplekta caused by a kind of radiological, functional, biochemical and hematological changes.

A common classification of occupational diseases does not exist. The greatest recognition of the etiological classification principle. Based on this, we identified five groups of occupational diseases: 1) caused by exposure to chemical factors (acute and chronic intoxication, as well as their consequences, occurring with isolated or combined lesions of various organs and systems); 2) caused by exposure to dust (pneumonia-PS—silicosis, asbestosis, metallocenes, pneumoconiosis of electric welders and gas cutter, polishers, nadac nicknames, etc.); 3) caused by exposure to physical factors: vibration disease; diseases associated collection-action contact ultrasound vegetative polyneuritis; hearing loss by type of cochlear neuritis—noise disease; diseases associated with exposure to electromagnetic radiation and scattered laser radiation; luciabrust; diseases associated with changes in atmospheric pressure is known as decompression sickness, acute hypoxia; diseases that occur in adverse weather conditions—perepev, convulsive disease, occlusive disease, vegetative-sensitive polyneuritis; Continue reading

Quantum medicine in neurology.

Accumulated numerous instances of effectiveopacity quantum therapy ( CT ) in many areas of medicine, including neurology and neurosurgery. To treatment often segement a helium-neon laser (HNL) and infrared pulse Poluprovodnikovye (IIPL), the best representative of this class is the unit of ricta .Describes various methods of CT. Our own experience of using CT based neprimereni various technological options, but the most znachitelnyj material accumulated as the result of intravenous laserequipment of blood (vlok) light HNL.

Note – 1. Technique effects on blood low-intensity laser radiation belarusrelated academician by Meshalkin in 1980, Given the fact that VTE years in medical practice, the laser devices were low-powered, dagotiere therapeutic effect, this procedure was carried out intravenously.She called intravenous laser irradiation of blood, abbreviated as”ILIB”. With the development of quantum technologies and the increasing power Appartementhotel therapy, this method of influence on the blood began to be used by setting the emitter on large vessels. Since then, she has become nizatidine or percutaneous laser irradiation of blood, abbreviated as”NLOC” or”CLOCK”. With the advent of polyfactorial quantum therapy unit (ricta),which replaced low-intensity laser therapeutic apparatus, the concept of”laser blood irradiation” is out of date. The modern name of this technique -“quantum hemotherapy was” (KGT), more correctly reflects the nature of dandolovite treatment. Continue reading

The main objectives of sports medicine.

Providing access to physical culture and sport in accordance with existing medical conditions and contraindications.

Participation in issues of sports orientation and selection.

The implementation of systematic monitoring of the functional state of the organism engaged in the process of training and competition.

Analysis of diseases, injuries, and specific injuries occur when irrational physical culture and sports. Development of methods for their early rehabilitation and prevention.

Substantiation of rational modes of exercises for different cohorts involved, means of enhancing recovery and athletic performance.

Development, approbation and introduction of biomedical tools and optimization techniques postnagruzka repair, and then to improve athletic performance.

Determining the most appropriate sanitary and hygiene conditions for physical education and implementation of measures aimed at elimination of factors with adverse effects on the person in the process with exercise.

Medical control over physical activity and sports is carried out in accordance with the following regulations. Continue reading

Forensic medicine
Medicine (Latin medicina, from medicus physician, medical, medeor — 'm going to Treat, apply medicines to restore health, to take measures to the termination of the disease.. heal; hereafter M.…

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Forensic medicine
Medicine (Latin medicina, from medicus physician, medical, medeor — 'm going to Treat, apply medicines to restore health, to take measures to the termination of the disease.. heal; hereafter M.…

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Regenerative medicine
In recent years increased the prevalence of functional disorders among children and adolescents. They predominate in the skeletal muscle (23,3%), nervous system and mental sphere (15.8 per cent), endocrine system…

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