The health of the nation tool for weight loss.

Obesity affects a large percentage of people the cause is sedentary work, lack of exercise, poor diet, stress, bad habits. Assistant in the fight for the coveted figure of be drugs for weight loss. Taking any remedies for weight loss need to coordinate with your doctor who will take into account characteristics of the organism and prescribe the optimal course. Drugs for weight loss that really help and sold in a pharmacy, are different. Before their use is necessary to study the characteristics of each group of drugs. Drugs for weight loss doctors prescribe in the treatment of obese people. However, they are engaged and those who have normal weight and wants to lose extra few pounds. In order to avoid illnesses from the wrong medication, you need to know what medications help you to lose weight without harm to health.

Men get fat, because a lot of work, nervous and enough sleep. According to statistics, healthy athletic man at any age feels more confident and happier. “In my experience, if men decide to lose weight, they approach more responsible than women, and often bring it to the end, — says Yuri Ekimovsky. Woman ten times break mode, but won’t admit to — drink kefir, and that’s it. So directly and report: weekend ate 10 kg kebab and drank five liters of vodka.” But they lose weight faster by 20 kg in three months without harm to health. Why should the man lose weight and how to do it right, tell the doctors and thinner characters. Continue reading

Heart treatment folk remedies.

Recognition of a particular type of heart diseases and their correct treatment is the cause of the doctor and only the doctor, in any case it cannot be relied on by people poorly versed in medicine, not having enough practice. So here are tips to assist the patient in the most common heart diseases and recommended some home remedies to ease them.

Heart disease.

It may be congenital or acquired. The latter can occur with a very rapid growth of the child in the period from 10 to 20 years to develop after any serious illness. Signs of illness: heart pain, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitations, swelling in the legs. The patient is advised not to perform heavy physical work not to worry to eat mainly protein foods meat, eggs, dairy products, Alcoholic beverages, coffee, chocolate should not be consumed. Is Smoking bad. To live should, if possible, in areas with wet climates, like the sea, but not in the mountains. If a strong heartbeat need to lie down and put on the chest in the heart area of the bottle with ice or a cold compress.

This is the deposition of fatty tissue on the heart, the main reason of his heredity. Obesity heart easily ill obese women after precedentemente. In this disease we must eat less, especially of flour, fat and sweet, not to sleep after dinner, and most importantly, be sure every day to walk in the fresh air at least two hours.

In this disease the heart sometimes takes almost half of the chest; shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, weakening of cardiac activity, dropsy of the belly that is the manifestation of this disease. Continue reading


The relevance of forecasting, prevention and liquidation of consequences of emergency situations (es) for the entire global community is constantly increasing. Annually in the world, natural disasters, accidents, catastrophes, fires, accidents at home and at work, about two million killed and injured tens of millions of people, and material damages up to 3% of the gross industrial product of the world economy.

Emergency medicine is an integral part of emergency response in extreme situations. As an independent scientifically-practical direction, emergency medicine was organized in 1976, R. Frey and P. Safar as the “club of Mainz”, which developed the technology aid in accidents and disasters in the area of the incident, during transport and at subsequent stages. With 80 years of rapid emergency response create in many developed countries, based on different conceptual approaches to the system of Euma. The need for effective organizational and medical technologies in emergency situations led to the creation in 1976 of the world Association of disaster medicine and emergency (VLCCS.

Analysis of the aftermath of accidents, catastrophes and natural disasters in our country 70-80-ies have shown a lack of willingness of involved services to emergency mode; not an exception and the health care system. In the study of the organization of emergency medical care in emergency situations have identified the following weaknesses: lack in health institutions, specific action plans in case of mass flood victims, the violation of the principles of medical sorting and evacuation and transport provision, undue delay in initial response of health haphazard provision of first, qualified and specialized medical care, the lack of reliable records of victims. Continue reading

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