200 recipes against cancer.

Human health related to the quality of their food and metabolism in the body. Food can bring both benefit and harm – everything depends on what the nature of the effects on the body those substances that make up a particular product. Such diseases as cancer, also largely depends on what people eat, replenishing their energy reserves. Food is one of the major factors that can trigger the occurrence of malignancies, and represents about 40% of the total shares of carcinogenic effects. Products containing carcinogens entering the body, affect the chromosomal mechanism to activate oncogenes, which leads to the appearance of tumors. Experts say that the majority of cancer cases can be prevented just by eating the right foods. Research and experiments show that eighty percent of the disease can slow down or stop.

To the development of malignant tumors can lead to various reasons and factors. Specialists in Oncology say that about eighty percent of the cancer provoking factors and causes of tumours can be prevented.

What a person eats, certainly affects his health, and proof that eating habits play a significant role in the occurrence of tumors is the statistics of diseases of this kind in different geograficheskaia of the world where traditionally take a certain kind of products. Each type of cancer has a particular predominant geographical dislocation. For example, the far East – China, Japan, Korea – are rife with cancer of the stomach, in America and Europe, a high percentage of morbidity of male and female sexual organs, large intestine, while it is low in Southeast Asia. When the change of residence and change of diet risk of developing one type of cancer is falling, but increases the possibility of getting another type of cancer.

Scientists have performed research with different groups of people who regularly use some products and reject others. For example, it is known that Seventh-Day Adventists do not eat meat and almost never suffer from cancer related to the digestive system and sexual organs. Studies have shown that the amount consumed by people in different regions of the world, animal fats, milk, meat in proportion to the number of cancer patients suffering from tumors of different organs. Scientists report that reducing consumption of high-calorie foods, including animal fats, decrease the development of carcinogenic diseases, including those caused by any chemicals or other adverse influences from outside. Even without reducing caloric content, only a reduction in the consumption of animal fats, reduced indicators for the number of cases of oncological diseases of people, improve among those who overcame the disease and recovered.

Recently, a lot of healers suggest that cancers have a chemical nature. In this regard, they argue that the destruction of tumors should cease to nourish your body products such as animal fats, proteins and some carbohydrates. Many authors antioncological diets suggest diet menus as monotherapy, with the exception of the treatment of medical methods of struggle. Realities suggest that, despite the undoubted success of the diet, do not refuse medical treatment or surgical interventions, if necessary. And the best option would be a comprehensive treatment that includes carefully selected diet, which should be strictly adhered to in varying degrees, and localization of the disease. This book is designed to suggest the most suitable diet and food recipes with different oncological diseases. Its purpose is to give people a “lifeline”, to improve their quality of life during illness, to get closer to recovery.

Food enters our body, can have both protective and carcinogenic, i.e. causing the growth of tumors, effects. Oncological diseases of different etiology are largely based on living conditions, including for those products that come into our body with food. Therefore, the strength of the person to conduct a continued prevention of this terrible disease, perhaps re-examining our perspective on familiar products. But if the disease everything came, all the forces of nature that give energy to the man to send to fight her. And not the last role in this struggle will play properly chosen diet.

The reduction in the growth of tumors, which can cause restriction of calorie intake (and animal fats are sources of the greatest number of calories), experts explain the reduction of the free radicals that can damage cells, improving hormonal levels, increased protection at the cellular level.

Studies on the influence of food on human health continue, but we can already say that the reduction in the menu of products of animal origin and increase of the herbs, vegetables and fruit will increase the body’s defenses and help you to cope with cancer of various etiologies. This book will help to Orient in the composition of diets to choose the most suitable and restore your body. Proper nutrition will help to cope with the disease, it will become an essential tool for fluids and radical treatment, combining with them a United front, and in many cases just to prevent the occurrence of the disease.

Chapter 1 the Prevention of cancer through food and diets.

Often in the group of risk are people, exhausting yourself diets, in which there are no products that have antioncological effects on the body. Properly balanced diet has a direct impact on human health, any prolonged disruption of the balance leads to diseases, including the very formidable.

In the world there are research centers that study the prevention of cancer, a combination of special diets, and medications. In the process of experiments and conduct of statistical research, scientists have identified a direct link between the content in food of certain substances and their effects on the suppression of development of tumors of different etiology.

For example, it was discovered the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and its effective impact on a number of cancer. The researchers argue that this is due to the fact that in Mediterranean countries it is customary to consume in eating fresh fruits, cereals, vegetables, greens, legumes, fish. There is also often drink red wine and use olive oil, while to a lesser extent on lean red meat, cream and butter. The incidence of cancer and heart disease in this region are also low. A study of diet has shown that it has a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants that prevent the appearance of tumors or slow their growth.

Experts examined the effects of individual substances that are in foods on the inhibition mechanism of tumours and to prevent their occurrence. This helped to make the necessary diet for the prevention of cancer or slowing its development.

Separate long and careful research were exposed and subjected to animal fats, which is withdrawn unfavorable for provoking carcinogenic diseases. The fact that animal fats affect a subset of sex hormones, excess of which in the body can increase the risk of cancer. When reducing the food animal fats decreases the level of hormones that reduces the risk of developing cancer of the genital organs.

Animal fats affect the intestinal flora and the appearance of the body elements, which lead to a carcinogenic mechanism that affects tumor formation in the colon. Thus, the greater the percentage of red meat in the diet compared to poultry and fish, the higher the risk of diseases of the digestive organs. The same can be said of salt, smoked products.

Based on the obtained data, the experts concluded that prevention of cancer should be based on plant foods and appropriate diet that include all the necessary elements for healing the body. The basis of the diet, many nutritionists suggest a raw vegetable diet, as the experiments have shown that crude plants that are used in compiling the daily menu, have the undisputed protective effect. A variety of plants involved in the drafting of the defenses of the body. Plant products have a great set of vitamins and elements that reduce the negative impact from outside and protect cells from mutations, one consequence of which may be a tumor.

The beneficial effects of fiber and fiber.

Plant foods cleanse the stomach using fiber, which is involved in the development of a healthy microflora, and creating and sustaining anti-tumor agents. You should regularly include in your diet sufficient amounts of dietary fiber helps to eliminate carcinogenic substances and decay products decrease cholesterol. The important role of plant fibres play in the prevention of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, especially if you consume large amounts of fat. Statistics show that daily consumption of 350 grams of fruit and vegetables (which have no high content of heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides), three times reduces death from cancer.

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